tisdag 22 december 2009

Problem, och en lösning

Borta på Deeper in the Game snackar Chris om varför det finns en otydlighet i våra spel till att börja med. Vi har hört det förr, men det är ändå värt att upprepda, inte minst allt finns med, på ett ställe, tydligt och klart

The Roots of the Big Problems
A Way Out

a) A hobby with the general design philosophy that design actually doesn’t matter nor does complete communication of how to play
b) A group of enthusiasts with no means of communicating what they want to do together, and a lot of shaming when that goes wrong

c) An atmosphere in which deceit and social manipulation are expected, destroying any sensible space to form trust
d) A culture in which play cannot be analyzed – the methodology of the party line is correct- any errors must be with those around you

Och lösningen:

  1. Use a complete set of rules that do one thing.
  2. Honest agreement about those rules.
  3. Establish and agree to a set time period

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